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Recent Testimonials

" and Emmett Dalton was an absolute pleasure to work with. In our market the only thing that mattered was getting the house on the MLS and making sure it was clean when we showed it...the buyer's agents pretty much did the rest. Emmett was extremely responsive, very professional, and provided every form we needed to close our sale. We had multiple offers, and sold our house, listed at almost $1,500,000 and sold it ourselves in a week...saving $35,000 in Commissions! I highly recommend Emmett and his myriad of Flat Fee sites for Southern California to anyone looking for a flat fee MLS service."

Seller, 11 Trouville, Newport Coast

I sold my house through in less than a week using this service. I own several other properties and am using Emmett Dalton and to sell all of them!

Michael , Woodland Hills

We sold our house in less than 2 weeks in the city of Orange. and Mr. Dalton provided all forms we needed and even assisted us a little with some annoying questions we had...thank you, thank you!

Beth , Orange, CA



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